National Community Learning Hubs (NCLH)

National Community Learning Hubs bring local educators, skilled people, administrators, family members and organisers together to revolutionise the learning experience of the youth of Great Britain. Our younger generations will be able to learn as part of a community, utilising resources available in regional support hubs where they feel safe and secure in a loving and nurturing environment. Community and families collaborate to successfully meet the needs of the learners in the same locality, creating absolute solidarity and a complete, unified front for the people working together within a system of trust.

Mission Statement

‘National Community Learning Hubs are private, community-backed initiatives, providing an alternative approach to engaging learners through an holistic, aspirational, self-determined, and nurturing approach. We aim to create a learning environment that brings possibilities for everyone to thrive, evolve and fulfil their unique potential. It is our mission to empower future generations and provide them with the skills necessary to co-create a happier, kinder, emotionally literate future for the generations to come’.

We create and learn together

We seek to encourage our learners to create a healthy, loving sense of self, standing in complete awareness of their sovereignty and inalienable rights. Our goal is to offer a nurturing environment within which learners of all ages can bring forth their individual, innate talents, enabling them to discover and to fulfil their ‘calling’ in life. This approach develops curious minds, with a strong focus on reflection and critical thinking, giving learners the skills and opportunity to shape their own future. Within our communities, learners know that life is a journey, and facing challenges or making mistakes on their journey is natural to the process, within which we develop the tenacity and resilience required to be a successful lifelong learner.

Self. Soul. Ego. Being.

At National Community Learning Hubs we offer a heart-centred community, based on trust declarations within each hub. We know that our own uniqueness and individuality enables us to help others by the mutual sharing of our knowledge, gifts and strengths. Emphasis is given to the critical importance of emotional intelligence; we work on the basis of facilitating learning where learners are expected to take an active role and are encouraged to feel empowered by their choices. To be conscious of their journey as spiritual beings and given the freedom of expression to be who they are.

Utilising collaborative relationships, we make good use of learning conversations to include: open questioning, sharing of learning objectives, success criteria and outcomes, reflection, feedback and next steps.

Time is always given for learners’ reflection whether individually or in a group setting; they can review what they have learnt and the process involved. Their evaluations contribute to their understanding of themselves and the topic. Therefore, having the ability to think critically is fundamental to learners being able to make good choices and decisions, as is a thorough understanding of the impact of their actions. The ability to research is therefore a valued skill to acquire and develop. Sufficient time is always given for learners’ reflection. Whether individually, in pairs or groups, they review what they have learnt and how they have learnt it. Their evaluations contribute to their understanding. Opportunities will be given for the learners to share what they have learnt with others as this will solidify their new knowledge or skills. We will encourage the learners to apply themselves to a task and have the resilience to persevere as and when things don’t go to plan.

We strive to effectively meet learners’ needs by developing strong relationships between learner and facilitator. Themes or ‘topics’ are chosen by our young community members, then designed around their needs to ensure a responsive and enthusiastic approach to our method of learning.


★ are in mixed age groups

★ are curious about the world around them

★ apply themselves to a task and have the resilience to persevere as and when things don’t go to plan

★ identify, explore and correct misconceptions

★ set goals for themselves as to how they can take the next steps

★ monitor their own progress and critically reflect on their knowledge and comprehension. 

Tasks are sufficiently challenging, but not so difficult as to discourage, and focus is put on the process of learning rather than being outcome-based. Where assessment is appropriate, it will be formative in nature unless specifically required by the learner and their family. The learner will have access to examinations if this is something that is desired.

Community members to shape their own experience

National Community Learning Hubs are made up of a community of educators, facilitators and families. We work with learners of mixed ages in groups, and individually, throughout the week. Although every Community Learning Hub will have their own weekly routine, they will utilise the guidelines laid out by NCLH.

The National Community Learning Hubs framework allows learners and facilitators to be equally responsible for the method of learning, and engagement with the organic processes within the daily routine. Below is a general guideline showing an example of what your local community learning hub will be able to offer your family.

Our days are organised to include:

★ Group collaboration – During these sessions topics will be covered to include English, Maths, Science, History and Geography. Along with any other topics of interest. These topics can also be studied individually if preferred by the learner. Online tutorials will be available for this purpose.

★ Individual time – Individual projects and interests are factored into the weekly routine. This includes support needed towards any subjects.

★ Creative Activities – Art, cooking, nutrition, growing food, bushcraft, foraging, music, crafts, drama and creative design.

★ Physical Activities – Free time, self defense exercise, tai chi.

★ Spiritual Activities - Mindfulness, meditation, individual time.

★ Skills – Carpentry. plumbing, building.

★ Emotional intelligence – Morals, values and ethics, critical thinking, value of friends and family. Volunteering in the local community.

★ Life management skills - Managing money, understanding common law, entrepreneurial skills, caring for humans and animals.

At The National Community Learning Hub we want learners to actively participate and develop life skills: oral communication, perseverance, resilience, punctuality, reliability, ability to work within a team, critical thinking, being entrepreneurial, the list goes on. Importance is placed on learning practical life skills such as survival skills and natural health. With this approach, we aim to develop collaborative working relationships where each member of the community chooses to actively participate, and enjoys the experience.

The ultimate purpose of The National Community Learning Hubs consist of the following, and membership brings many benefits to your family:

★ Facilitate learning within the community

★ Providing general support and guidance

★ De-registration from schools

★ Serving notice of liability to schools

★ Guidance with utilising services of tutors online and in person

★ Helping families to connect with each other

★ Signpost to relevant organisations and services when required

★ Providing information about sovereign rights in order to trade and operate within the NCLH and within your jurisdiction of natural law.

The National Community Learning Hubs welcome all community members within Great Britain to join our Holistic Learner Led Education for the Community.